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Aspire Lightroom Training Day

July 02, 2012  •  2 Comments


Not a week has passed and I find myself back with Aspire Photography Training. This time it was to spend time with a bunch of great photographers who were on the Adobe Lightroom course. I was their for a day to discuss my digital workflow based around my use of Adobe Lightroom. Since the world has gone digital it can be very daunting for people new to photography on how they managed / process & archive their images. Lightroom is a great piece of software that can help you with this.

Although the day was mainly classroom based we still had the opportunity to go out and shoot with the lovely Georgia. We then used those images to go through a live demo of taking the image from camera to an image that is ready to print or in this case put up on the web for a website / blog or in any form of social media such as Facebook. Below are some of the images we processed on the day. Once again thanks to the lovely Rachel for helping us out.




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